How many times have you heard the term “cardio exercise”? If you have ever joined a gym, or bought a workout video then you have probably heard the term “cardio”.

But do you really understand what cardio is? 

Cardio is short for cardiovascular and aerobic means “with oxygen”. Aerobic exercise is also called cardio exercise, and you may hear these terms being used interchangeably. Essentially, during cardio exercise, you move large muscles in your arms and legs repeatedly. Your heart rate increases and you breathe faster. This will, in turn maximizes the amount of oxygen in your blood and ultimately help you use the oxygen more efficiently.

There are many benefits to all exercises you choose to do but today we are going to focus on some of the benefits of Cardio. No matter your age, aerobic exercise will help you to increase your stamina and endurance, and subsequently help you in performing your daily activities better.


Cardio Exercise Benefits

  1. Burns Calories
  2. Boosts Your Mood through the Release of Endorphins
  3. Better Night’s Sleep
  4. Strengthens your Heart and Muscles
  5. Helps Control your Appetite
  6. Reduces Pain and Stiffness through Joint Movement


Burn and Boost!

Burning calories is probably everyone’s favorite benefit when it comes to doing cardio exercise! Trying to work off last night’s poor choice for dinner is usually the fuel most people use to get up and get moving. But did you realize, cardio helps boost your mood too? Yes! Exercise helps trigger the release of endorphins which are the “feel good” chemicals released by your brain.


Sleep and Strengthen!

And who doesn’t need a better night’s sleep? In this crazy time we are living in, we should be looking for any excuse to decompress and relax so that we get our coveted night’s rest. I personally love the fact that cardio helps strengthen my heart and muscles too. I am aging, and I am always looking for ways to help with anti-aging! Cardio exercise is anti-aging as it helps to build lean muscles for added strength. It is keeping my heart in good shape and hopefully will help me live a long and healthy life.


 Reduce and Release!

Controlling appetite is all rolled up into the weight loss we are trying to accomplish by doing cardio in the first place! Studies have now shown that aerobic exercise actually decreases appetite by changing the levels of hormones that drive our state of hunger. And of course, your achy joints will thank you if you choose to do a little cardio exercise weekly. Those same endorphins released that made your mood better will also help your pain levels drop. You will experience increased circulation through your joints and stiffness will decrease.

Get Started!

I hope you were able to find some valuable information today about cardio exercise and you are ready to get started! I try to incorporate it every day of the week, and I hope you will too!

If you love what you have learned, be sure and check out my favorite cardio exercises!


Moderate exercise will cause you to breathe faster and feel like you are working. If you should experience unusual pain or alarming symptoms during exercise, stop immediately and seek medical attention. Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise.


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