Let’s face it! Losing weight is hard!

People say, “Just stop eating!” or “How hard can it be to just push away from the table?” But there is so much more involved to losing weight and anyone who has ever tried, knows just what I am talking about!

Believe me, I have been there and understand how you are feeling!

There are many struggles we face when it comes to losing weight. In order to overcome those struggles, we first need to identify some of them and then embrace the ways we can attack these hurdles we face in weight loss.

Understanding that you are not alone in your weight loss challenges is important. For most of the population, losing weight and keeping it off seems to be a daily grind. There is delicious fast food on every corner. We are a country who loves to party and socialize where going to restaurants, holiday parties and family get-togethers is a common practice. Food always seems to be the hub for everything we do in the American lifestyle. So the temptations surround all of us daily and make it more difficult for us to stay dedicated and lose the weight.


Common Struggles I Have Encountered in Losing Weight:

  • Staying Dedicated to a Daily Routine
  • Consistency with Good Food Choices
  • Giving Up Easily after Making Bad Food Choices
  • Trying to Starve Myself or Stick to a Fad or Radical Diet
  • Not Finding the Time for Exercise
  • Trying to Do It All on My Own

If you find these are some of your struggles too, then read on for some tips to conquer them and be more successful in weight loss!


Eight Tips for Being Successful in Your Weight Loss Efforts:

  1. Find a Friend to be your Accountability Buddy! 
  2. Set Goals. Write them down!
  3. Make a Plan. Write it down!
  4. Don’t get Discouraged! Keep Going!
  5. Make the Changes for a New Lifestyle!
  6. Find Products that Fit into your Plan!
  7. Make Exercise a Priority!
  8. Make a Daily Food Log!


There can be other barriers to weight loss depending on your overall health, but ultimately if you will try and implement these tips I expect you to be successful. Hold yourself accountable by finding a friend to workout with you or just keep you on track with your goals! Reciprocate the love and encourage your friend to stay on track too! Helping others achieve their goals will ultimately help fuel your efforts!

DON’T GET DISCOURAGED! We are human and we make mistakes! Don’t quit just because you make a bad choice! Set goals and write them down! Get them in your face every day! And make a plan! Write it down! You can’t reach your goals unless you clarify them! It is imperative that you have a plan and you execute it! And don’t worry about it being perfect in the beginning. Your plan will evolve and be changing as you progress! JUST GET STARTED!

Exercise is key in weight loss. You have to get up and get moving! It can be as simple as walking more than sitting and trying to get more steps in during the day. I understand some of you may be very overweight and doing a rigid workout is just not appropriate, but you can move more! Don’t be a prisoner to your excuses!

Changing your thoughts will change your actions!

Assess your current lifestyle and see where it can be tweaked. What are you eating? Could you do better? Start by eliminating one bad food or drink that you know is not good for you. For example, let that sweet tea go! I know! That is going to be so hard especially if you’re from Texas! But sugar is NOT your friend and will make you gain weight along with causing other health issues! Try to make one good choice each day and before you know it, you will have developed your own healthy eating lifestyle!


I highly recommend keeping a food journal and writing down everything you eat daily! This, in turn,  will hold you accountable and it is a great way to really see what you are putting into your mouth! And don’t cheat! WRITE IT ALL DOWN! (even the bad stuff) Seeing it written down will allow you to know what you can eliminate and help you succeed!

Finding the right supplements to aid in weight loss is very important too! First identify areas you need help in and then address them. Do you need help in curbing your appetite? Do you need something that will help correct the mistake of eating too many carbs? Or how about just kicking up your metabolism a notch so that you are burning more fat throughout the day? I have tried so many products throughout my life to address all of these issues, but I have finally found some that work! If you would like to see more of my secrets to weight loss, click on my picture! Be sure and always check with your MD before starting any kind of supplement.

Hopefully, I shed some light on a few of your struggles and ways you can conquer them! I am here for you if you have any questions or need some guidance!

Just take it one day at a time and one good choice at a time!

And remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your efforts!





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