About Me


My name is Terri, and I am just a small town Texas girl with a BIG dream! I love to educate and inspire and have had a dream to blog for years! I am on a mission to help you!

My Background

I have been a Physical Therapist for 20+ years and have always loved helping people! I currently work full time in a large hospital in Texas as an acute PT. It is my passion to inspire and encourage through teaching about exercise and nutrition! I am always researching and educating myself on ways to improve my health and want to share my knowledge with you! I have a passion for helping others find their fit, and teaching how to embrace it!

My Purpose

It’s taken me many years to learn to embrace my fit as I am an anorexia/bulemia survivor, and I have learned to see myself in a healthy light. I have learned to love myself and all my imperfections. If this is something you have struggled with, I can help you! Whether it is finding your perfect fit in activewear, or finding what “fit”ness level best suits you, I am here to assist. Of course, nutrition and supplements go hand and hand with exercise, so I will be sharing products that help us to be fit on the inside!

My Passion

I promote two amazing companies that fall right into my health zone! The first one, Zyia Active has allowed me to wear premium quality activewear while I work and workout! You will find the most amazing leggings and joggers at Zyia along with many versatile and staple pieces. Zyia has solved my problem of finding cute, high quality athleisure clothing at an affordable price. This line is going somewhere and I am going to be wearing it and sharing it all the way up! The second company is Modere. It is a clean living company that offers everything from it’s award winning Liquid Biocell collagen supplement to it’s amazing weight loss system! Modere has skin care, home cleaning supplies and everything in between! It’s my go-to for healthy and clean living!

My Hope

You will find valuable information here to help you improve your overall well-being. Dive in and shop with me! Read my blog and educate yourself! My dad always said, “You need to learn something new every day!”


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